Dear _______________,

Bric Contemporary Art Residency, New York

Dear ______, What Do We Talk About When We Talk About ________. This title was inspired by the short story by Raymond Carver What We Talk About When We Talk About Love. In this writing and visual art process we gathered authentic threads of high school age visual culture.
The assignment was: If you could write a letter to anyone, living or dead, fictional or real and that letter would actually be read...who or what would that letter be written to? We collected hundreds of letters and students edited by ways of cut-up to create one collective 3D language object.

I collaborated with Baseera Kahn and Hawley Hussey on this project. 
Dear ________, What do we talk about when we talk about _______

Student letter. The students were asked to write a personal letter to anyone they wished to - living or dead

Cut-Up. After each students had written a letter. They cut them apart and reassambled them in smaller groups to a new letter. This was repeated until one letter remained containing every student’s contribution
This letter was re-sized and reproduced and turned into a 3D language object

Through the projection the letter fragments became one on the back of the wall. The tvs on the bottom left capture the process of sharing personal thoughts and working collaboratively on a joint installation

As part of my artist residency at BRIC Contemporary Art I worked with Juan Morel Campos Secondary School in East Williamsburg and Dr. Susan S. McKinney Secondary School for the Arts in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

On BRIC Arts
BRIC Arts | Media | Bklyn is a multi-disciplinary arts and media non-profit dedicated to presenting contemporary art, performing arts, and community media programs that are reflective of Brooklyn’s diverse communities, and to providing resources and platforms to support the creative process.  Each year, upwards of a million people in Brooklyn and citywide are served through its programs. BRIC’s contemporary art initiatives aim is to increase the visibility and accessibility of contemporary art while bridging the gap between the art world and global culture in Brooklyn through exhibitions, public events, and an innovative arts education program at BRIC Rotunda Gallery. BRIC’s education program is an avant-garde initiative partnering with public schools in the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in Brooklyn with a focus on underserved communities where there is little or no funding for enrichment activity. Through the program, professional artists partner with classroom teachers to design educational residencies in math, English Language, Arts, social studies, science, and other academic areas that meet the needs of each classroom. Each residency furthers curricular goals and teaches contemporary art ideas