Food Pieces

Institute of Design Berlin

I taught a course focused on food. The students researched food’s capacity in shaping us, our cities and our day-to-day behavior. They investigated food logistics, technologies, social experiments, food design and aesthetics, food fiction, activism concerned with food waste and sustainability, its economic power and political implications.
The Picnic publication is a collection of manuals for urban picnics as tools

Visiting local food venues: Researching trends, hybrid-enterprises, new tastes and potential for reshaping behavior and igniting interest and criticality in our daily food consumption
During the course I conducted on-site exercises to mobilize thought and study behavioral structures of our food consumption. We visited local food venues to research trends, hybrid-enterprises and new tastes. In class we developed campaigns that would enhance awareness, re-form habits and hopefully find strategies for a tasty and sustainable tomorrow.
Area of investigation

An introduction assignment to the critical design potential of food and its production, process, (re-) presentation, distribution, consumption and secretion. It involved a lot of tasting

With pencils and index cards at hand the team dispersed and observed the terrain

Sharing ideas for urban food interventions with the team

We hosted a discursive picnic series turning picnics into a tool for public interaction, exchange and change.
We produced a Picnic Manual that contains instructions and the student’s case studies.