Knowledge Shots

Columbia University, New York City – Edar Residency

Knowledge Shots was an evening of experimental and collaborative research held at the conference area of Gottesman Libraries at Columbia University. I invited 6 experts from various fields to join me for instant knowledge sharing, micro lecturing, experimental story telling, ad-hoc consultancy and brainstorming to approach research from another angle. We welcomed walk-in visitors to share their current research with us. We embarked on a collective brainstorm, experiencing new ways of understanding using instant association.
Knowledge Shot Tool Kit for the invited consultants to facilitate the conversation & document the process
Rachel Barnard and Sascha Pohflepp offer their associative skills to support their visitors

Molly Riordan’s consultancy session turned into an intimate one-on-one conversation

Extract from one of the documentation booklets

Liz Slagus and Jay Hammond listen carefully to their vistiors concerns