Situationist Jogging

In collaboration with The Public School Berlin and Several Pursuits

Proposed as a class through the Public School Berlin I facilitated an exhaustive jogging experience through the neighborhoods of Berlin.
Whilst the urbanists of the twentieth century had to construct adventures, contemporary dériveurs would run into them. Surprised and out of breath, high on disoriented endorphins, we came down on urban confusion and a communal feeling of shaken perspectives.
Running into an art opening at Mica Moca to get refreshed and test intoxication for deeper dérive
The first SJ Manifesto is a manual with instructions how to get consciously disoriented within your day-to-day surroundings

‘Real Gesund’ and the utilitarian, temporary-permanent architecure of the 24/7 fruit stand

Layers of the urban fabric
The first SJ Team - Meanwhile the ‘course’ has gone into series at the Public School Berlin

Triple fenced garden community in Lynarstraße Wedding, Berlin

Running through a tunnel and into trouble with local public transportion authorities