NSA colonize Dome Colony X

Dome Colony X in the San Gabriels (Fritz Haeg)
X Initiative, former DIA building in Chelsea, New York City

Fritz Haeg initiated a colony of geodesic domed tents for temporary colonization, squatting, taking over, and making yourself at home in the San Gabriel Mountains. The camp site was installed at the ground floor of X INITIATIVE, the former Dia building in Chelsea, New York.
Secrecy sells! I am selling secrets that were previously collected from visitors
Tent interior with props and tools to be ready for a full day of indoor urban camping
NSA was invited to squat the Gastronomy Dome introducing us as: “NSA Think Tent: Mildly matching + dressed for takeover. We are internal colonists. We sample your DNA. You sample our candy. Share your secrets. We sell them. Sit down and study tomes of random research. Real adventure starts at teatime.”

During the Opening Night at the Gastronomy Dome

Grey and Pink: NSA urban camp outfit. Dressed to colonize

Reading in the Random Research Reader

Dop Box for secrets

Fritz Haeg is contributing a secret

Visitors at NSA tent utilizing our tools and props to reflect on the subversive potential of occupancy and artistic takeover

NSA means No Standing Anytime and is a critical art and design duo made of Christina Kral and Adriana Valdez Young. 
On the Dome Colony X
Dome Colony X in the San Gabriels was a temporary intentional community, a simulated mountain settlement, a shifting encampment, a colony of four geodesic dome tents around a center stage, surrounded by walls painted with a continuous silhouette of Los Angeles’ San Gabriel Mountains, echoed by a continuous perimeter seating platform. An open call invited anyone to colonize, to make a clubhouse, a headquarters, a home away from home, a temporary studio, a living room, a lounge, a place to host regular meetings, intimate organized activities, stage events, make work, rehearse, and perform. Each dome had it’s own community: ECOLOGY DOME, GASTRONOMY DOME, LITERARY DOME and DRUMS & SKINS DOME.

Extract from the publication