When We met IKEA

NSA at Conflux Festival, New York City

Together with Adriana Valdez Young, I temporarily took over the IKEA water taxi to stage a mobile Swedish snack and research station. Shoppers answered questions about their IKEA-related domestic aspirations in exchange for an IKEA-themed snack. After the takeover we returned all the unedible props and got our money back and booklets full of observations.
The Beauty of Business. NSA met midly matching and with friendly determination at the Red Hook IKEA restaurant

NSA flyer

NSA interviewed the waiting crowd about pre-visit anticipation and post-IKEA feelings in exchange for hacked swedish snacks

Snacks and props for takeover
Record of observations made during the intervention

On the ferry behind the bar - temporarily occupied and transformed by NSA

After the intervention NSA returned all the unedible props and got their money back

NSA is No Standing Anytime, a critical art & design duo made of Christina Kral and Adriana Valdez Young. NSA builds temporary and collaborative platforms for research, education and art that shift public spaces into laboratories and abandoned properties into open studios. NSA produces experiences to transform public space, perform community research and intervene in under-utilized spaces. NSA documents, maps, and analyzes the ways urban lifestyles and behavior are produced, marketed, and manifested in the built environment. It uncovers the layers of spatial, ecomonic, political and cultural forces at play and develops educational formats and employs experimental pedagogy to activate the city as a laboratory. Active since 2009 in the US, Lebanon and Germany.