Is there anything we can do for now? News about the Apocalypse

Note On, Berlin
A formalized and abstracted waiting room

Waiting Room

I installed a waiting room, a room of passage, where each visitor - entering on one side - had to spend seven minutes in active waiting before exiting through the other side which led through the basement out the back door of the gallery. The room itself was equipped with simple, slightly distorted elements one would expect in semi-public areas of waiting: Plants, an indoor fountain, some figurines and pictures, benches, a clock and fluorescent light that distorts the sense of time.

The feeling of time and space is distorted. Furniture, plants, objects and photos offer suggestions and inspirations to pass the waiting time actively in passivity.

View from the other sid

Waiting, much like other everyday routines implies a potential transitory value of experience.

The Archive

Alongside, I was asked to set up an archive. Looking for ways of coping with the inevitable I curated my grandpa’s hand-made garden utensils and documented routines as offering.

Paper scrolls of notes on the weather diaries of counted steps

Hand-made objects and recorded activities of my grandfather Karl Kral from Delitzsch, Germany.

Repetition, observation and documentation – measurements of yesterday to help predict the future

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