The YKON Game was developed in 2009 and is a collective attempt to alter the World. Its development was inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s World Game, but instead of focusing on known problems, the YKON Game seeks to uncover novel scenarios, ideas, problems and solutions that have not yet been considered.

The game has evolved and changed over time, and applied to different situations and conditions. It has been played at art festivals, as an interactive exhibtion, as a summit, and within educational contexts.

Personality Modification Device – first step towards change is the experience of its possibilit

Brut, Vienna 2012– Top view of the Game field

8th Mercosul Biennial, Porto Alegre, Brazil 2011 – Daily games inside the geodesic dome, constructed specifically for the YKON Game, marking the central educational site of the Biennial

37 Manifestos, Berlin 2011 – Players use images from the ground to introduce themselves  

Reykjavik Art Museum 2009

Brut, Vienna 2012 – During intense Idea generation

Brut, Vienna 2012 – Developing variations from basic ideas and turning them into concrete actions

37 Manifestos, Berlin 2011 – The YKON Game presented within an exhibition format with 4 interactive play stations. Visitors can interact with these and experience elements from the Game individually
Communikey Festival, Boulder, USA 2012
Do not disturb - Utopias in the making

Reykjavik 2009–Reporting back to the now

Communikey Festival, Boulder 2012

Idea Transformer – Game device to push ideas out of the comfort zone and into actionable steps

Brut, Vienna 2012 – Presenting the first ideas

Mela, the curator’s dog

Initial thought exchange and discussion of how could you change the world

These are the results from the contributions of our 4th play station compiled in a small publication

8th Mercosul Biennial, Porto Alegre 2011– Using the Idea Transformer to process unconventional utopian ideas into concrete actions

37 Manifestos, Berlin 2011– Watching the Game trailer to get into the mood for changing the future

Communikey Festival, Boulder 2012

Bauhaus Archiv, Berlin 2011

DMY, Berlin 2011– information Area at Tempelhof Berlin / YKON Game was nominated for the DMY Jury Award 2011

8th Mercosul Biennial, Porto Alegre 2011– Interior view of the play space. The Game is played day and night time

DMY, Berlin 2011 – Instant visualisation of ideas