News transformation Agency

Media Facade Festival, Helsinki

What if we could experience daily news in a more personal way – and script a different future while doing so? The News Transformation Agency is a project that approaches the overwhelming aspects of global news as a potential platform for civic action – for local, emotional and transformative standpoints.
Transforming news. Scripting futures.
News Transformation Agency kicked of as an open workshop, at a temporary, pop-up news office at Lasipalatsi gallery. During the workshop, participants worked with YKON to filter and analyze breaking news, and transform them into ones with local relevance through remixing, visualizing and creating alternate realities. This thought provoking experience provided a completely new perspective to the world of the news. The news were broadcast in public spaces at the live News Show during the Night of the Arts and a specially tailored newsreel appeared on urban screens at Lasipalatsi Square and the Culture Tram.
Editors in Chief at the News transformation Agency

The News Show

Working at the Agency day and night to shift realities and transform the news
Public announcement at Lasipalatsi

The Media Facade displays the recently transformed news

The News Show during the Night Of The Arts

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