Play House

Baltic Circle, Helsinki

A flat filled with dozens of people, drinks, food, music… and then what?

Play House took place in a private house. The pre-registered audience members received a text message short before the event, announcing the address – and an individualized time slot for arriving.  

An YKON Project.
YKON, acting as host were the walking touch points. Players would reconnect with one of us to move to the next stage (receive a challenge and a voucher)
The event appeared like a home party from the outside, but there were a lot of parallel games going on. All of the guests had to complete secret challenges. After completing a challenge, participants would find one of the check points aka YKON members to receive a new challenge and a voucher.  
Re-examining social interaction at the Play House. The random bar was one element of the Play House Set up located in the basement of a private home. The random drinks could only be accessed through vouchers that were given out after accomplishing a social challenge.
A participant in action. Challenges were individual and kept secret.
This evening showed how simple, low-tech game mechanics can radically alter how people relate to each other. The four hour event welcomed suspension, deconstruction and reconfiguration with social interactions.
A participant on a mission. The experience, even though collective was paced individually.

In anticipation – A participant conteplating her new challenge.
Participants were individually welcomed to the Play House—a safe space to experiment with social interactions.

Challenges varied in difficulty. Exchanges went from light to emotionally charged. The trusted environment allowed for meaningful experimentation and experiences.

Play House was done for the first time as part of the Baltic Circle Festivals “Finland - developing country of social relations” - program.