Summit of Practical Utopias

Brioni, Croatia

The Summit of Practical Utopias is a long-term project (2003-2013) by YKON. The summit gathered 35
activists, artists, game designers, researchers and visionaries on the island of Brioni, President Tito’s former summer residency in the Croatian Adriatic Sea. The three-day Summit took the form of a reality game where game rules, rather than summit conventions, defined the interactions between the ‘players’.
Tito Museum on Brioni Island, Croatia. The Summit of Practical Utopias was organized in collaboration with Drugo More from Croatia and in dialog with Electra Productions from the UK.
Arrival of the 50 Summit particpants to Brioni Island
The summit explored the possibilities for projects that are both Utopian and Practical
The Summit of Practical Utopias was born out of the legacy of The First Summit of Micronations, held in Helsinki in 2003 with kings, presidents and representatives of ‘self-made’ countries. However, the question of how the imaginative and experimental politics of micronations could be turned into a radical transformative force, how micronations could behave as ‘agents of change’ required further elaboration. The delegates of the Helsinki summit therefore unanimously voted to reconvene and Brioni was suggested as a suitable location for this next gathering. A decade later, The Summit of Practical Utopias sought to elaborate and extend the possibilities of this initial meeting.

Most of the Summit/Game took place at the Castrum, an ancient village at the sea

Group photo at Titos private island, usually closed for “ordinary” humans
Interaction between partcipants was facilitated by game rules

“Embedded” journalist Richard Thomas (Resonance FM) interviewed participants at the Tito Museum