Utopian Bingo

SPACE residency, London

In preparation of the Utopian Bingo Game that we developed during our residency at SPACE, we (YKON) interviewed a number of London based intitiatives to map current Practical Utopias. During the first game night we built a tent sauna—a midsummer night’s dream.
Cleansing experience with YKON
Preparing for the Utopian Bingo, players use devices such as the phone joker, the dart board, the oracle or the market place to trade ideas

During the final Bingo Battle

Grid for Utopian Bingo

A player using one of our supporting devices to generate practical Utopian initiatives

Discussion the categories: economy, education, technology, archtecture etc.

On Practical UtopiaThe term “Practical Utopia” reflects the desire for large scale changes to the current system of society by initiating the first practical steps towards such changes right here and now. “Practical Utopia” insists on the necessity of Utopia as an intellectual concept interlinking the fantastical and the pragmatic in bringing about social, political and artistic change.