CAFA Biennial, Beijing

Curated by Angela Jeradi

Installation view. Six square game islands with instructions and props such as a swivel bar stool, plants, picture frames, a taped grid, stools and tables, vases, chop sticks, etc. The grid is provided by experimental jetset.

Utopian Devices & Reality Technologies is a DIYU (Do It Yourself Utopia) journey through Utopian quests with the mission to assemble and create your own Utopian Device. By playing through the quests players will gain a new spectrum of how to experience the biennial and themselves. They will discover how a shift in perception can enhance their senses. The six Game Islands were placed within a vaster play grid conceptualized by experimental Jetset.

An YKON Project.

In use. The game islands were frequented continuously by young and old visitors over the course of three months
School classes were guided through the islands for the ultimate suversive experience

At the Identity Mixer you can have your identity mixed up. Proceed accordingly.

Lost in observation on the Observation Deck

Swivel on the swivelchair to discover where you are at. The Spaceshifter helps you image to be in someone’s home, in a mental hospital, a spaceship etc.